Privacy Statement

I always look to limit any impact on your privacy for any visiting this website.

On this page I’ll let you know what runs in your browser when you visit my site, and what it is needed for.

Cookies & Local Storage

I make use of local storage to store page and site settings, if Javascript is enabled. These values are not accessible by other websites if your browser is working securely.

Site Theme

The overall theme of the site can be toggled from day to night mode. This results in a value stored under the key theme-dark. This value can be either true or false.

Tracking Token

I currently use google analytics to track visits to my website.

If you choose to allow me to store a tracking code I will use the local storage key tracker to store a unique tracking code. If you decide not to allow this, I will instead set the value of this key to false. Accepting the tracking code will mean that your visit will be tracked using Google Analytics.

All outbound links to other sites make use of both the noreferrer and noopener link types. This limits the amount of information the page you land on has about which website you came from.